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Wto Agreement Standards

Most technical requirements and standards are adopted for the protection of human safety or human health. Many examples can be cited. National rules requiring motor vehicles to be equipped with seat belts to minimize injuries in the event of a road accident or for sockets to be manufactured to protect users from electric shocks fall into the first category. A common example of regulations to protect human health is the labelling of cigarettes to show that they are harmful to health. N. The standard-setting body takes into account, when continuing to process the standard, the notices received during the notice period. Notices received by standards bodies that have accepted this code of conduct must be responded as quickly as possible upon request. The answer explains why it is necessary to deviate from relevant international standards. G. In order to harmonize standards on as broad a basis as possible, the standards body plays a full role within its resources in the development by relevant international standards bodies of standards for which it has adopted or expects standards. In the context of the standardization of organizations within a member`s territory, participation in a given international standardization activity is, as far as possible, carried out by a delegation representing all standards bodies in the region that have adopted or are waiting to adopt standards for the purpose of international standardization.

6.3 Members are encouraged to be willing, at the request of other members, to enter into negotiations for mutual recognition agreements on the results of mutual compliance assessment procedures. Members may require these agreements to meet the criteria set out in paragraph 1 and to satisfy each other`s opportunities to facilitate trade in the products concerned. 5.1 Members ensure that, in cases where positive assurance of compliance with technical standards or requirements is required, their central authorities apply the following provisions to products originating in other Members` territories: although the TBT agreement applies to a wide range of industrial and agricultural products, health and plant health measures and public procurement specifications are covered by separate agreements.