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Wage Averaging Agreement

In short, a financing agreement is an agreement between the employer and the employee, which allows employers and employees to increase the average number of hours worked for one, two, three or four weeks and to eliminate the need to pay overtime for the hours covered by the agreement. The funding agreement must only indicate a work plan that applies to the employee. Buy in is important here – a funding agreement must be agreed by mutual agreement The existence of an average overtime agreement does not completely eliminate the obligation to pay overtime. Employers have to pay… Section 37 of the Employment Standards Act allows workers and employers to agree on irregular schedules that would otherwise attract overtime. As an employer of tourism, you may find that funding agreements offer flexibility and cost savings. There are many other nuances about the use of overtime credit contracts, and I strongly recommend taking advice in advance on this topic or, at the very least, exploring the «Means Conventions» fact sheet on the B.C website. In addition, an average is also appropriate when staff do not have regular day or week hours, but are called as needed. As a general rule, a worker receiving basic salary is considered a «right to regular wages» within the meaning of paragraph 6, paragraph 7, point e) of the regulation. Therefore, for a worker who is not absent from work in the event of paid sick leave, there is no reduction in standard hours for the average period. A more detailed description of the funding agreement provisions is available in ESA Section 37. For more information, please see the following guidelines for employment standards agencies: a fact sheet on funding agreements, a deviation sheet and interpretive guidelines for funding agreements. The start of the agreement stagnates and the duration of the agreement expires and workers working under a funding agreement, when the hours are on average over one week, must be made available with at least 32 consecutive hours of work per week.

Application of the working hours covered by Section 169, paragraph 2 of Part III of the Canadian Labour Code and Section 6 of the Canadian Labour Standards Regime.