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Usje Collective Agreement

A component also represents its members on issues such as classification issues and working conditions that are not already covered by collective agreements, as well as on all other issues that concern them exclusively within the separate division/agency/employer. THE RCMP CMs «Deeming» was originally scheduled for April 2018, but was delayed due to persistent problems with the Phoenix payroll system. In December 2017, pursuant to Section 58 of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act, the Public Service Alliance of Canada submitted applications to submit RCMP CMS to PSAC`s bargaining units and to offer them all measures to protect their respective collective agreements. On January 15, the Treasury Board approved the application principle, bringing the RCMP CMS closer to PSAC`s bargaining units and securing the benefits of union representation. If that happens, CMs become public service officers. The majority is included in the existing trading units of the Treasury Board, with the exception of the OP-IMA and the PO-TCOs that were not in good standing. Approximately 500 CM will enter the Treasury Board`s Program and Administrative Services (PA) and Technical Services (TC) tariff units. A small number will go to the Education And Library Sciences (EB) group. And an even smaller number in the operational services (SV) group. On this date, you will be fully represented by PSAC/USJE as paying cardholder members. PSAC/USJE and the Treasury Board are in the process of negotiating the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding that will clarify the role PSAC/USGE will play in the Deeming process. Our goal is to protect your interests before they are in this transition period. The PSAC negotiating team unanimously recommends the ratification of the interim agreement.

Most of our members are covered by negotiated agreements between the Treasury Board and our negotiating partner, the Public Service Alliance of Canada. PSAC combines similar classification groups. The following lists indicate which classifications belong to a particular group. Please note that the Board of Directors moves away from the «Table» nomenclature and identifies employees as members of the group. After the delegation of the PSAC centre, an element assumes responsibility for the collective agreements signed by psac concerning workers in the division/agency/separate employers under the jurisdiction of the component. Collective agreements will not be updated until they formally enter into force, after both parties have «signed» the document in question. In the coming days, when the final text and all the details of the preliminary agreement are available for the PA group and common issues, they will be shared with membership. Members of the Palestinian Authority are invited to participate in online ratification votes shortly thereafter. Voting details will be released as soon as possible. Other improvements to the PA collective agreement include: when the PSAC negotiates collective agreements with «separate employers,» these contracts are also taken into account.