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Scottish Funding Council Outcome Agreements

Outcome agreements define what universities and universities want to do in exchange for their funding. SFC Outcome Agreement Manager works with institutions to develop their results agreements. The SFC requires the authorities and authorities to demonstrate compliance with equality obligations in their 2017 agreements – 20 results: equality remains an essential condition for outcome agreements and the CFS has further improved its approach to equality by stressing that this should be demonstrated as a «cross-cutting theme» in the agreements. How to include equality in the results agreements: toolkit for colleges 2017-20 obtained by the general funding and capital financing sections in Schedule A of CFS Grant Letters. Closed funding of controlled subjects, excluded in other internal reports, has been integrated. To complement the CFS guidelines for the 2017-20 Outcome Agreements, Advance HE has prepared briefings for each sector to help institutions meet these improved equality requirements. All higher education institutions, universities and the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) have a legal obligation to include equality in all their public sector work under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010. Implementing the results published by institutions on gender equality by April 2017 is an important tool to enable CFS institutions and SFC to demonstrate that they are fulfilling missions in addition to CFS strategic objectives and ensuring that equality is coordinated and integrated into core plans and activities. The Gender Equality Action Plan sets out the steps the university will take to address gender imbalance in certain disciplines and to close the gap between men`s and women`s participation in undergraduate studies. . The CFS provides guidance on specific national performance criteria. Full list of all result agreements published since 2016 (you can filter the list by date, region and sector) Lanarkshire Outcome Agreement 2019-20Date: 20/01/2020 Crichton Campus Consolidated Outcome Agreement 2019-20Date: 12/08/2019 . These include taking equality requirements into account in key strategies and developments: .

You can combine one of the following search types to limit your search See our «Access, Learning and Results» page for more details on results agreement managers. Priority 5 – High-performance institutions: a coherent system of efficient and sustainable institutions, with modern, transparent and accountable governance agreements 2018-19 | | 2017-18 | 2016-17 | 2015/16 2014-15 / 2014-17 | 2013-14 Priority 4 – More innovation in the economy: a national culture of business and innovation that leads to a more productive and sustainable economy. . In addition, the identification of areas where other groups of protected characteristics are under-represented and the demonstration of measures taken to address them is highlighted as a comprehensive requirement within the framework of priorities for successful institutions.