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Master Service Agreement Template India

The Master Service Agreement is a contract between the parties that covers several contractual and service guarantees and documents the objectives and responsibilities of both parties. The service agreement also includes elements such as business ethics, network access and other terms that are important for future agreements. If you want to change the agreement, our lawyers will work on it. Two iteration towers are included in the original price. A master service contract is a contractual contract in which two parties, a customer and a service provider, accept the conditions that govern all long-term rules. Transactions between them. Contracts like this are useful in areas that include a large number of transactions between the service provider and a client and may have a separate work account for each. Each party may terminate the contract at any time until the initial term expires by notifying each other in writing 30 days in advance. Neither party is the agent of the other party and neither party can represent to a person who is entitled to engage him or her in an agreement. The agreement is not exclusive and allows both parties to manage their affairs in a way that is not contrary to the terms and spirit of that agreement. If the commercial relationship between two parties is long-term, they opt for a Master Service Agreement or MSA.

This agreement governs all future transactions and transactions between the parties involved. The aim of these agreements is to process future contracts much more quickly. The parties have agreed to use this agreement as a guide for all future transactions and transactions. It provides a framework for the rapid negotiation of agreements. Therefore, the same terms should not be negotiated repeatedly for very similar transactions. Protect web Werks services in the event of an immediate risk of failure or if non-suspension of services would harm other web factory customers. SOF, SLA, Web Werks AUP and all additional quantities accepted by the customer are added here by reference to this master service contract and together form the agreement. The agreement is the full and exclusive agreement reached between the parties with respect to its purpose and replaces and replaces any prior agreement, agreement or communication, written or oral. All information and information about this agreement is true and accurate. The Master Service Agreement covers the entire relationship between a service provider and a client and covers all aspects of the contract that may arise. Web Werks has the right to terminate the contract though: a contractual agreement in which two parties, a customer and a service provider, declare the terms to settle all long-term transactions between them. The client agrees not to ask Web Werks employees who have worked directly or indirectly to provide services to the Client or his authorized person, in order to apply for employment with the Client for up to 12 months from the date of termination of this Agreement.

EVIDENCE: The agreement reached is proof of the level of service guaranteed. The customer accepts that, at his request, the Web plant may provide some additional services to third parties that are not part of the services agreed to by Web Werks. Web Werks does not provide such assurances or guarantees regarding these third-party products, their accessibility, suitability, etc., and the products are provided on the basis of As Is. The customer`s use of such products does not entitle him to claims against the Web factory and imposes only the rights mentioned in the third-party product license.