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Bluejeans Service Level Agreement

1.6. Third-party products. When third-party services, applications, codes, hardware or products («Third-party products») are integrated or used in conjunction with the Services, the Customer accepts that (a) BlueJeans does not accept explicit or unspoken guarantees regarding third-party products; b) BlueJeans is not liable and disclaims any responsibility for third-party products or the unavailability of third-party products. (c) where third-party products are provided under a separate license or other agreement, these conditions apply to these third-party products, (d) the customer is solely responsible and responsible for the use of third-party products, (e) the customer authorizes BlueJeans to share user data (defined below) with third-party product suppliers, as is required for the operation of third-party products. however, provided that BlueJeans is not responsible for the transfer, collection, disclosure, security, modification, use or deletion of user data by or by third-party products or their suppliers, and that (f) BlueJeans is not required to support any integration (s) of third-party products into the Services and may at any time , at BlueJeans` discretion, put an end to any integration of third-party products. Previous version (March 2018) These Terms and Conditions govern the provision and use of the video conferencing and collaboration service («Service») provided by BlueJeans Network, Inc., a Verizon-owned company («BlueJeans»), whether the service is authorized directly by BlueJeans or through a licensed distributor, reseller or other partner of the blueJeans chain («the chain`s partner»). Other conditions relating to the use and subscription of the service, for example.B. The pricing and license of the service («customer») is defined in an order form that refers to these terms and conditions of sale and is executed by customers and BlueJeans («Order Form»). In the event of a direct conflict between these terms and conditions and an order form, the conditions contained in the order form apply. All conflicting or additional contractual terms are ineffective, unless they are signed in writing by a member of BlueJeans` authorized staff. These terms and conditions of sale are called «agreement» at the same time as the order form. The service is made available to users to whom the customer provides access to the service under the customer`s account («user»), as stated in more detail in the order form.