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Agreement Upon Meaning

The resumption of (peace) talks will only be possible if the agreed commitments are strictly implemented by the regime and the foreign powers that support it. In the absence of assurance that a transitional period will be agreed, companies will have to consider the scenario in which a hard Brexit would take place on 30 March 2019. All stakeholders agree that most of the research findings appear to focus on children and not older adolescents and adults, a view supported in particular by autistic adults and researchers. After consultation with medical experts, this point was finally withdrawn. This was agreed between the two friends as the only thing to do; and Colonel Wallis should help in every way possible. It was a relief for me when they finally agreed on a compromise. After consultation, positive cidt animals were purchased by the owner and slaughtered, followed by a post-mortem examination. The main thing we both agreed on was to restore trust, put an end to the game of guilt against each other and create a positive atmosphere, we will work to establish a fiduciary construction protocol to avoid such a situation in the future. After four years, at the agreed time, the four brothers met at the four crossroads; And after welcoming each other, they went to their father`s house, where they told him everything that had happened to them and how each had learned something artisanal.

Objectively, the tribunal does not have jurisdiction over the dispute and negotiations have been agreed as a means of resolving the dispute. One of its useful functions is to provide agreed standards for devices, including medical devices. By convention or agreement, constituted or contractually agreed Upon this prosecutor understood that the search results contained privileged material, the searches were completely interrupted, and after the agreement of the defense lawyer in Qosi, the IT department deleted all search results of the two searches. Approval was implied with the agreement to complete the survey questionnaire. Negotiations have been agreed to resolve the dispute.